Jerry Hansman's Okinawan Karate
Since 2001, Jerry Hansman has been providing instruction in Classical Okinawan Karate in the Indianapolis/Carmel/Zionsville, Indiana area.

Mission Statement

To enhance our community and its citizens through the positive personal development skills of our training. To provide a safe haven of positive energy and support for our student's mental and physical growth. To provide inspiration of personal excellence through our examples as Black Belts both in and out of the karate school. To ensure the long-term growth of the school and its staff by providing legendary student service.

Why train with Jerry Hansman?

Sensei Hansman has been training in Martial Arts for over forty (40) years including eight (8) years while in the United States Marine Corps and seven (7) additional years in Civilian Law Enforcement. He has instructed U.S. Marines and foreign army units overseas as well as Close Quarters Combat for Law Enforcement agencies including the U.S. Department of the Treasury. At Jerry Hansman's Karate, you'll learn Classical Okinawan Karate and Kobudo. Okinawa is the birthplace of karate, so doesn't it make sense to train with someone who has trained on the island of Okinawa! Don't settle for anything less than the "real thing".